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ऑफशोअर ओव्हरटाईम व कॉम्पसेटरी ऑफ दोन्ही मीळण्याबाबत.  

Agenda for 77th JCM.  


 Issue of 'S' category for Airfare and CMRE for 'W-7' cadre has been cleared by EC. Orders will be issued shortly.
There is issue of claim of compensatory off or O.T. in offshore. On our letter file has been moved & cleared and & sent to ICE to make the change in OT FORM. now. C-OFF & OT both is entitle to claimer in offshore.
Fund for Asha Kiran scheme has been allocated in Board Meeting. Office order is expected by 12 January. Accordingly forms will be issued to beneficiaries.

ऑफशोअर मधिल मेडिकल बिले त्वरेने पास होणार.   

ONGC Employee's Co-op. Credit & Thrift Society Ltd. Special General Body Meeting 6 Jan 2017 5.30 PM NBP Green Heights.  

SBT बाबत 13 डिसेंबरच्या व्यवस्थापनाबरोबरील मीटिंगचा वृत्तांत.  

Report and recommendatins of the Working Group on Review of MOU-2004 22-23 November 2016.  

Blood Donation Camps Nov-Dec 2016.  

Dell Five models laptop offer for class III & class IV employees. Detals of dealers with contact details. All prices without octroi.  

HP Five models laptop offer for class III & class IV employees. Detals of two dealers with contact details. All prices without octroi.  

Revised office order 19 SEP 2016 LAPTOP & Data Card for class III & IV.  

डाटा कार्ड व MOU  परिपत्रक.  

Contact Details of Union & Sociey office bearers at Helibase.  


MOU 2004 संदर्भातील दिनांक ४ व ५ ऑगष्ट २०१६ रोजी देहराडून येथे रिव्ह्यू कमिटीची मिटींग आयोजीत करण्यात आली होती. ही मिटींग रद्द झाल्याने ती १२ व १३ ऑगष्ट २०१६ रोजी होणार होती. नवीन सुचनेनुसार १२ व १३ ऑगष्ट रोजीची मिटींग रद्द झाली असुन नवीन तारीख लवकरच कळविण्यात येईल.

Highlights of 15 June meeting at Rajahmundryy

  1. Fast promotion of A2 level joining discussed, management is positive.
  2. One step above for existing Ragman A1 to A2 and A2 to A3 management is positive.
  3. E0 Written exam cancelation for Accounts and MM, management is positive.

After submission of Review committee report to D-HR office, Final meeting and Singing of MOU In front of Labour Commissioner to formally change service conditions. After submission of Review committee report to D-HR office, Final meeting and Singing of MOU In front of Labour Commissioner to formally change service conditions. 

Karmachari Sanghatana received complaints from offshore Rigs and Platforms that ECG machines and Oxygen Concentrator medical equipment were very old and in dilapidated condition. Karmachari Sanghatana took the matter with incharge medical section Dr. Meena Biswal, Our General Secretary Shri Pradeep Mayekar pressed for urgent action in meetings and by correspondence as these are very essential and life saving equipment. Dr. Anupam Sonawane was designated for follow up and resolution of the issue.

ONGC procured 25 ECG machines ad 30 oxygen concentrators. Today these latest equipment are available all offshore installations, except Rig Sagar Vijay currently in dry dock.

If any of offshore installation does not have these two equipment in please contact Karmachari Sanghatana.

Unnati  Shetye duaghter of Shri Gajanan Shetye who is working in accounts section at 11 High secured 98% Marks in ICSE  2016- 10th examination.

Congratulations from Karmachari Sanghatanaa

In her own words - How she achievedd

सेफ्टी शुज मराठी पत्रकक  

Demonstration on Friday 13th May 2016 at 1.30 PM at NBP Green heights BKC, in support of demands of workmen > Recruitment of Topman, Early result 2004 MOU, Safety Shoes, for All Class III & Class IV employees Laptop with Data card and Car Loan with CMRA.  

मराठी पत्रक २ मे २०१६.  

घोषणा - नारे - Slogans for 3rd May Agitation.  

Minutes of the meeting held with the General Secretaries of the recognised unions at Dehradun on 22nd April 2016.  

Withdrawal of (TOPMAN Work Allowance) OO No, DDN/HRG/OO/2O16/O4 dated O1/O4/2OL6 concerning SIDT, it appears lack of rationality and more of distributing "Alms".  

Recruitment of Class-III posts for ONGC Hazira Plant ad.
ONGC reportslinkk

Meeting on 22 April 2016 at Dehradun to issue of shortage of Topman and special incentive for performance of Topman duty.  

कर्मचारी संघटनेच्याा प्रयत्नांमुळेेऑफशोअर कॅटरींग मध्ये लक्षणीय सुधारणा.

Scope of work (in short) offshore catering contract.

Marathi Bhasha Divas 2016.

Shiv Jayanti 2016.

Grant of House Building Advance for repayment/refund of housing loan taken from Bank/Financial Institution.

 Result of personal interview for Class-III & IV posts for Hazira Plant and Offer of appointment dated 21.03.20166

कर्मचारी संघटनेच्या प्रयत्नांमुळे ग्लोबल हॉस्पिटलचे एम्पॅनेलमेंट.

सर्व ओएनजीसी, डायरेक्ट एम्प्लॉईज, टेन्युअर बेस कर्मचाऱ्यांनी आपले ईपीएस स्टेटमेंट, ओएनजीसी रिपोर्टस वेबसाईटमध्ये तपासून पहावे, व त्यात काही फेरफार असल्यास युनीयन कार्यालयात संपर्क साधावा. असे आढळून आले आहे की काही कर्मचाऱ्यांचा ईपीएस स्टेटमेंट मध्ये 1995 ते 2005 या कालावधीत ईपीएसचे योगदान (contribution) दाखविण्यात आलेले नाही.
ईपीएस स्टेटमेंटसाठी खालील लिंकचा वापर करावा.
Ongcreports > organization> HR-ER > Employee information portal > EPS statement > fill your CPF no. and add date of birthh


Hunger Strike Notice for inappropriate sizes of overalls and acute shortage of safety shoes on Rig Sagar Ratna.

Relationship between Management and Trade Unions. ALL INDIA ONGC TRADE UNIONS' CO ORDINATION COMMITTEE Dated 27.02.2016.

Memorandum on matters of urgent attention. ALL INDIA ONGC TRADE UNIONS' CO ORDINATION COMMITTEE Dated 09.04.2015.

Letter Issued to ONGC management after meeting of "ALL INDIA ONGC TRADE UNION'S CO-ORDINATION COMMITTEE" on 27th February 2016.



76th JCM Minutes.

The meeting of KARMACHARI Sanghatana was held in the office of Shri. C K Mishra ED Chief offshore logistics, Shri S Gopinath, Head Regional Office, Shri R P Dubey GM HR/ER RO, Shri. Prerak Desai DGM, in charge industrial Relations on Monday 11 JAN 2016 The following points were discussed.
1. Rerouting of Helibase to Panvel buses via green heights building and 11 high has been agreed and implemented from same day . Two buses rerouted the times are 12.30 and 14.30 hours starting from Helibase will touch to green building and 11 high on every working day.
2. the proposal of starting buses on following routes has been has been agreedd
a. Bandra station to Green heights – morning pick up and evening dropp
b. Kurla station to green heights – morning pick up and evening dropp
and these two buses will be operated in ring route from 11 high and green buildingg

Carom board and chess boars are going to be purchased through board very soon for Helibase so that offshore going employees can avail this facility in case of chopper delayy

Furniture for cargo section Helibase has been submitted for approval to the concerned authority for procurement   

Blood Donation Camps 20155
S.No. Venuee Estimated//
Name of   Hospitall Datee
1 Helibasee 1255  Nanavatii 23.11.20155
2 Panvell 1255  MGM, Vashii 27.11.20155
3 Poonam Nagar Colonyy 500  Holy Spiritt 28.11.20155
4 NBP Green Heightss 2000   Hinduja/ Kokilaben   02.12.20133
5 Nhava Supply Basee 755  Rahejaa 04.12.20155
6 Varsova koliwadaa 1000  Sionn 06.12.20155
7 11 Highh 1255  Tata Cancerr 16.12.20155
8 Maker Towerr 755  Jaslok   09.12.20155
9 Worli Koliwadaa 1255  Nair   13.12.20155
100 Khar Danda koliwadaa 1000  Lilavatii 20.12.20155
  Total estimatedd 11000    

JGM in Delhi on 28 th October 20155

Rangoli competition 2015.


  कॉन्ट्रॅक्ट कर्मचारीयों की लीस्ट जिनका नाम प्रबंधन द्वारा जारी कीये गये लीस्ट मे नही है. 21 Dec 20155  

 कर्मचारी संघटन उपर दि गयी लीस्ट ऒएनजीसी प्रबंधनको देगी. इस लिस्टमे वेतन बढोतरी के लीये पात्र कॉन्ट्रॅक्ट कर्मचारीयोंके नाम है जो प्रबंधन द्वारा जारी कीये गये लीस्ट मे नही है. एस लीस्ट मे सुधार के लीये तुरंत अपने विभाग के युनियन सेक्रेटरीसे मीले.

 वेतन बढोतरीके लीये कॉन्ट्रॅक्ट कर्मचारीयोंकी ऒएनजीसी प्रबंधन द्वारा प्रदान प्रदान कि गयी लिस्ट विभाग नुसार निचेे

Mumbaii Pavell Nhavaa Urann


All India Petroleumm
workers' Federationn
National Federationn
of Petroleum Workerss
Petroleum and Gas Workers''
Federation of Indiaa

Office order Accommodation for indoor treatment 'S' level employees now Single room.Office order Accommodation for indoor treatment 'S' level employees now Single room.
Union has taken issue of discrimination of non executives at multiplied levels with management at JCM and several letters issued by union. Due to Strong efforts of union and follow up,  'S' level employees  in patient employees is now Single Room.  This was also one of the point in pending issues in our election circular of 2013.
Union has also taken Contingent employees medical issue in JCM  now they have got reimbursement  of medical expenses and enhanced medicalim.

Both the issues are in JCM ageda given by union.  

After strong letter from Karmachari Sanghatana and Food boycott notice on restriction of CPP charges to offshore going employees. A meeting was held in Office of HRO in Presece of ED Chief ER. After expression of strong dissent and firmness to go on food boycott management had assured to examine the matter. We are grateful to the management that the issue has been resolved.

Steps of obtaining and activating your UAN.
Second meeting for review of 2004 R&P 8th-9th April 2015 .
Mass scale irregularities observed in recruitment procedure of HCA (Health Care Attendant) in Baroda.

Marathi circular after first meeting for review of 2004 R&P.
More photographs of National convention against disinvestment of ONGC equity
New Doctors schedule and contact information.
Declaration of National Convention of Workers against disinvestment of ONGC Shares.
Minutes of Conciliation  meeting for Strike notice for issues of Crane operator and slinger cum rigger.


Circular Karmachari Sanghatana Condemns Disinvestment in ONGC.
Resolution opposing Disinvestment of ONGC shares.

Blood donation camps 2014.
Strong efforts of Karmacahri Sanghata resluted in cancelation of officer order for  Mandatory booking of tickets through SBT
Committee has been formed to review MOU of 2004 & related R&P issues. Result of hard work and efforts of Karmachari Sanghatana

ONGC Paramedical staff provident fund issue resolution success.
Office Order Fair Wage Policy committee for Mumbai.  
PRP Advance 2013-14 will be paid in SEP 14
Minutes of 74 JCM.  
DA increased by 2.9% Revised DA 91.3% July-Sep 2014.
ONGC Sahayog Scheme: Revised instructions to deal with the requests for grant of financial assistance for medical treatment, marriage of dependent daughters and higher education of wards.
Modification of Long Service Reward Scheme.
WOU Recruitment Departmental Circular.
74th JCM achievements Marathi circular
Management Agenda for 74th  JCM.
Karmachari Sanghatana Agenda for 74th JCM at Ahmedabad
Maharashtra Day & Labor day Circular.
1st May information.
Office order- Overtime Allowance payment to offshore employees.
Mayur Phanse Accident on unmanned platform.  
Office order Revised CMRE w.e.f. 1 April 2014

Revised Reimbursement of cost of uniform, stitching charges, washing expenses and canteen subsidy @ 84332.  

President of PGWFI Mr. Pradeep Mayekar will attend 39th Congress of FNIC CCT from 29 March to 3 April 2014 at Ile de Re in France.

For employees residing in and around Nagpur.
Sahayog Trust Sanctioned Amount in 14 Feb 14 meeting.    

    भारत व ओएनजीसीच्या पहील्या महिला फायर इंजिनीयर हर्षिणी कान्हेकर यांची माहिती देणारा गृहशोभिका व प्रहार दिवाळी २०१३ अंकातील लेख.

कर्मचारी संघटना ने गणतंत्र व स्वतंत्रता दिवस के अवसर पर ओएनजीसी मे विभिन्न विभागों मे बटनेवाली मिठाई के बजट मे वृध्दि व समानता की मांग की थी । युनीयन के प्रयास से बजटमे छ्ह गुना वृद्धि होकर अब सभी कार्यालय तथा ऑफशोअर के कार्यस्थल पर अब समानता से मिठाई/मिल्क चॉकलेट बटेगी । आप सभी को गणतंत्र दिवस की मिठी बधाई ।
समानता अनुरोध पत्र / ऑफशोअर अनुरोध पत्र
1992 Mumbai overtime office order for 14 days on-off duty at offshore.
DA increased by 5% Revised DA 90.5%.


  Pay Revision Signing 18 Sep 2010  


> Nominations of canteen committee at Sagar Shakti. 
> Nominated Executive Members of ONGC (WOU) Karmachari Sanghatana for NQO Platform. 
> Procurement of safety lockers for S/Vijay and S/Bhushan. 
> Procurement of Hand Gloves. 
> Compllant regarding poor Housekeeplng ln ONGC D.N.Nagar. 
> Availablllty of Slicker Suit & Wind Cheater not supplied in time from Sep'2016. 
> Request to lncorporate all the 5 contract employees, in the tender of canteen contract for Priyadarshtni Building, who re already working for more than 10 years. 
> Agendga for 77th JCM. 
> unruly behavior of shri. A. K. Verma (Maintenance Manager) at BPA Platform. 
> Mockery of safety at its peak, having paper-thln value of Human Recourses, Gadgets and Equipmentts. 
> Overtime and Compensatory olf in lieu of duty performed beyond 14 days in offshore andbeyond 12 hrs. at unmanned platforms. 
> Pending overtime claims from April'2o16 of crew members of SHP - MH Asset and up gradation of E-PAR Chain. 
> Diamond Jubilee gift to employees. 
> Exemption of SBT or make other choice avallable for ticket booklng to offshore personnel deployed in East Coast. 
> Safetn Hygiene and welfare compromised, humlliated. teased and humlliated.  
> Reimbursement of Crane Operation License fees or to appoint an agency to revalidate their Crane Operation License i.e. API-RP-2D, Gr. I.  
> Chaotic management at pawan Hans Ltd. exposlng ONGC,offshore senrices to infinite uncertainties and causing huge financial losses.  
> Sanctioning of Paternity leave to Shri. Ashok Prajapati AT (Elect) CPF No. 121021,ICP MH-Asset.  
> Unruly behavior and Denial of access to telephone at Heera Process Complex.  
> Inclusion of the enlisted names of contractual employees working in 1l High to be considered for pay revision as agreed.  
> Possible in house jobs taklng backseat due to lack of proper material in offshore installations.  
> Recruitment of "Marine Security Supervisor".  
> Request to condone the TA bill vide No.4200266713 of Shri. Ankush p. Kharsekar, F/O. CPF No. 96408.  
> Advance adhoc payment towards PRP for the year 2015-16.  
> Paynent of Ex-gratia to Dlrect tmployees.  
> Payment of Bonus to contractual Workmen.  
> Inclusion of the enlisted names of contractual employees working in Uran Plant to be considered for pay revision as agreed.  
> Sanctlonlng the medical Bills as per rates of panel Hospitals in Mumbai.  
> Inclusion of the enlisted names of contractual employees working in Civil, Zerox & Logistic Section in Nhava Supply Base to be considered for pay revision as agreed.
> Incluslon of the enlisted names of contractual employees working in Panvel as Zetox Operator & House keeping to be considered for pay revision as agreed.  
> Inclusion of the enlisted names of contractual employees working in Priyadarshini canteen to be considered for pay revision as agreed.  
> Complaint regarding Toiletry Kit issued, is not as per the catering contract.  
> Request to restore the undermentioned as "skilled Worker" and continue with the salary paid accordingly, who are presenfly working under the contract of "M/s. Electro power Senrice Centre".  
> Request to mention the periodicity for stitching charges in undermentioned offiice order.  
> Precipitating complalns regarding non-operational utillty equipment's on Rig Sager Ratna. 
> Nominations of canteen committee at BHS Platform.  
> Perennial AC problem of Rig Sagar Vijay.  
> Request to re-configure the conllguration of Laptop for Class III & IV employees, so as to purchase within the amount approved.  
> Nominations of canteen committee at ICP platform.  
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for ICP platform, MH-Asset.  
> Being humiliated, carrying the burden of questionable Intigrity and abondened.  
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for BPB, B&S-Asset.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for BHS Platform.
> Preponing chopper takeoff time from 11.00 A.M. to 08.00 AM for Rig Sagar Bhushan.
> Special sanction for family accommodation (Personal with disability for Shri. Yogesh Sanjay Jadhav, Asst. Gr.-III, Milind Shashikant Nagare, Asst. Gr.-III & Shri. Rajendra Prasad Dacua, Jr. Asset (MM).
> Declaration of office bearers and executive committee Uran Plant.
> Hunger strike notice for inadequate facilities in SCA platforms.
> Empanelment of Wockheart Hospital and Apollo Hospital of Nasik, Maharashtra.
> Precipitating complalns regarding non-operational utillty equipment's on Rig Sager Ratna. 
> Non payment of salary of the employees working under the contract of "M/s. Transtech Tuinkey Pvt. Ltd." on Drilling Rigs including floaters. 
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Rig Sagar Ratna.
> Compliant regarding catering service given by "M/s. Saikrupa Food Services" on Rig Sagar Uday.
> Issues of the BPB platform.
> Nonpayment of "Minimum Wage" by canteen contractor M/s. Jai Malhar Canteen Pvt. Ltd in Uran LPG Plant.
> Lease accommodation to class-Ill Employees.
> Illegal deduction of Rs. 5100/- from the advance of contractual employees working at Trombay Terminal and non compliance of minimum wages by contractor M/s. S. M. Akern.
> Non compliance of Minimum Wages to contractual employees at Trombay Terminal by contractor "M/s. Marcotex Engineering".
> Request to release the dues of late Shri. Satish Vasudeo Raut, CPF No. 56071 to his wife.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Heera Platform.
> Nominations of canteen committee at Heera platform.
> Blatant unsafe practices as well as highhanded attitude of OIM toward crew members in Rig Sagar Shakti.
> Request to consider the applications of Ex. Radio officers for employment in ONGC.
> Notice of strike towards non implementation of MOU concerning fare wage revision.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Rig Sagar Vijay.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Rig Sagar Bhushan.
> Request to settle the dues of Mrs. Pinky Khetpal, Jr. Asstt. (F&A), CPF no. 131769
> Request to maintain uniformity in "Daily Performance Certificate of Catering & Housekeeping Services".
> Request to install Bunk House at MNP-MH Asset as it is operational requirement.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Helibase.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Neelam Platform.
> Noninations of canteen committee at Sagar Uday.
> Forwarding of canteen committee nomination for Uran.
> Hunger Strike Notice for Deteriorating Gally Condition & non availability of Night Landing Facility.
> Agitation program in support of demand of workmen. 54-16. 
> Aon-functioning of Deep Freezer/Walk in Freezer in SHQ complex Galley since last two years.
> Request to Provide small Shed/Bunk house to Security Guards deployed in Vartak Nagar Colony, Thane & Gokuldham colony Bldg-II, Goregaon (E).
> Request to recruit class IV employees in same lines of class III employees, working years together in the Mumbai Region i.e. in Hazira plant also.
> Request to take early decision to regularize 79 Field Operators.
> Agitation program in support of demand of workmen. 47-16. 
> Requesting to have a personal overview of long precipitating issues relating Welfare at Trombay terminal.
> Request to provide Bunk House to the supervisors in parking area.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for B-193, B&S-Asset.
> Request to release the payment of leave to enlisted employees on top priority from Tops Security.
> Forwarding of canteen committee at Trombay Terminal.
> Discrepancy in EPS contribution.
> Extension of the tenure base employees working in MH Asset as Field Operator.
> Request to change the date of Mahavir Jayanti, Closed Holiday from 20th April 2016 to 19th April 2016.
> Purchase of Safety Shoes of "Redwing" or "Panther".
> Request for meeting to discuss the issue of "Safety Shoes".
> Request to sanction the overtime of Shri. Deepak Koli CPF No.: 92866 a Direct Employee.
> Withdrawal of OO No, DDN/HRG/OO/2016/04 dated 01/04/2016 concerning SIDT, it appears lack of rationality and more of distributing "Alms". 
> Request to revert the decision of recruiting contractual Topman in WOU.
> Invitation for unveiling the statue of "Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj" at ONGC, Uran Plant on 01.04.2016.
> Non payment of Bonus and Leave Payment for the period of Nov' 2012 to Oct' 2015.
> Request to allow Shri. Mahesh V. Jadhav to avail air facility from Mumbai to Belgaum, Karnataka State.
> Nomination in the Canteen Committee of Green Heights.
> Appeal to arrest inappropriate down slide of PAR, which is conceiving de-motivated employees. 
> Request to be considered as special case of the medical bill of Shri. Jayesh Desai, CPF No. 121270, amounting Rs.56250/-.
> Notice of Direct Action within 14 days from issuance of this letter.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana or RFS, MH-Asset.
> Empanelment of Global Hospital by ONGC.
> Exemption for "Direct Employees" from deduction of monthly amount for availing the transport bus facility.
> Request to desist from unsafe practices at the cost of employees life in offshore circles (Rig Sagar Bhushan).
> Request to waive of the penal interest of colony accommodation on humanitarian ground.
> Revision of stitching charges./-.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Rig SAGAR SHAKTI. 
> Non payment of Bonus, leave payment for the year 2O14 &  2015.
> Request to allow the crew members to travel by Air via Banglore to Chennai from Vijaywada after performing 14 days ON/OFF duty at east coast.
> Financial assistance for daughter's marriage from ONGC Sahayog Trust.
> Philosophy of PRP shamelessly disregarded in Uran Plant.
> Requesting to have a personal overview of long precipitating issues relating to operations, safety and welfare on the Rig.
> Request to extend credit facility to "Orange City Hospital & Research Institute" in Nagpur.
> Precipitating issues creating unrest in Heera Platform.
> Blatant theft of equipment, cables and safety gears in offshore area, uncontrolled intensity needs your interference for increased security.
> Blatant flouting of statutory labour laws, and also unchecked by concerned Officer incharge.
> Lateral shifting of regular employees for the post of Crane Operators,
> Serious complaint regarding food provided in polythene bags to the crew members on SHP platform going to unmanned platform every day.
> Absorbing the enlisted name of canteen workers working in Vasudhara Bhavan canteen in the contract of "M/s. Asha Caterers" in Green Building and removal of new employed workers employed by the contractor in the canteen of Green building.
> Request to reinstate the catering facility to the crew members working on BPB / BLQ platform.
> Request to regularize the batch of 79 employees recruited in 2000 as 'Rigman' i.e. Jan, 2005 in reference to the judgment of Hon. Gujarat High Court implemented in Western Region.
> Additional assignments given to our employees vide office order no. MR/AL/1(O1)/2015 dtd. 27/10/2015.
> Complaint letter for lack of basic amenities in building no. 9 ONGC colony Dharavi, Mumbai.
> Verification of documents of M/s. Geruda Support Services Pvt. Ltd, who have participated in offshore catering contract.
> Verification of documents of bidders who have participated in offshore catering contract.
> Non implementation of minimum wages to contractual employees working at Trombay Terminal.
> Multifaceted problems persist in Helibase and to be looked into with utmost urgency.
> Request received from residents of New D N Nagar, ONGC Colony for changing RWA Committee.
> Illegal deduction of Rs. 5100/- from the advance of contractual employees working at Trombay Terminal.
> Request to provide mini buses / Jeeps in "Ring Route" from Green Heights to Bandra and Kurla Station to 11 high for the employees.
> Request to consider base duty of Shri. Siddharth G. Pathare, CPF no. 126489, Asst. Tech. (P).
> Procurement of Safety Shoes for offshore and onshore installation in WOU.
> Verification of documents of bidders who have participated in offshore catering contract.
> Appeal to initiate wage revision of Field Operators.
> Modifications/ Additions in the draft copy of Fair Wage Policy. 
> Payment of Ex-gratia to Direct Employees.
> Advance adhoc payment towards PRP for the year 2O14-15.
> Payment of Bonus to contractual Workmen.
> Replacement of pulleys on Rig Sagar Kiran on top priority.
> Absorbing the enlisted name of canteen workers working in Vasudhara Bhavan canteen in the contract of "M/S. Asha Caterers".
> Request for retention of ONGC quarter OB2/107 Poonam Nagar up to Jan'2016.
> Extending Medical facility to wife of Lt. Shri. Shankar H. Davlekar.
> Multiple issues precipitating in BPB/BLQ-II & BPA platforms.
> Revival of HVAC units in WIN Process Complex.
> Grant of HBA repayment of loan raised or taken from Banks/financial Institute.
> Request to review the case of Smt. Sunanda J. Jadhav of Asha Kiran Scheme.
> SCA Platform, "the damned & tortured".
> Room allotment in SCA platform to ONGC employees onboard.
> Regularization of accident leave of Shri. Shailesh Prajapati Jr. Asst. Rigman (Drlg} precipitating since Aug'2O14.
> Threatening, harassing to the extent of moderating PAR of employees by Mr. B. K Gupta DGM (Elect).
> Closure of under mentioned dispute, claiming Karmachari Sanghatana not attending any meeting is very unfortunate & grossly misplaced.
> Serious complaint against employees of canteen contractor working & staying in Uran canteen.
> Request application for Gratuity payment.
> Uran plant highly accident prone with age and environment.
> Illegal deduction of salary and non compliance to other mandatory issues in Trombay Terminal.
> Lease accommodation to class-III Employees.
> Strike Notice. 2 SEP 2015.
> Review of R&P MOU,2004 by the working Group Constituted.
> Extreme need for counseling.
> Request for an early JCM.
> Concern over living conditions in Heera Process complex.
> Security compromised of office installations and Residential Colonies.
> Attitude unbecoming of a Doctor, faced by employees in Sagar Bhushan.
> Hotel accommodation to Tenure based FOs, at par with Regular Employees.
> Consent for conducting, "Marathi Language Familiarization Course" for non Marathi employees, and approving the financial needs per employee as detailed bellow.
> Non payment of wages (OT) pertaining to Unfair Labour practice.
> Step children treatment mated to our floaters Sagar Vijay & Sagar Bhushan.
> Lease accommodation to class III employees.
> Unsafe working conditions continues to prevail in B-193, a matter of serious concern.
> Recruitment invariably of crane operators and few others like Boiler operators' pharmacists etc.
> General Body meeting on Friday, 3rd July 2015 6:00PM Vasudhara Bhavan Auditorium.
> Additional Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Rig Sagar Kiran.
> Repairing and procurement of equipments on Rig S/Kiran.
> Immediate procurement of portable detector, action pending from last one & half years
> Regionally biased recruitment in Assam, changing strategy like chameleon.
> Widespread irregularities observed in recruitment of crane operators.
> Undertaking in the matter of claim of gratuity.
> Usage of unparliamentarily language by OIM in SCA highly objectionable.
> JCM Agenda May 2015.
> Resorting to "Food boycott" action from the 14th day of issuance of this letter.
> Employees of fire section exposed to serve mental harassment by Chief Manager (Fire Service) , Panvel.
> Lateral shifting for Crane Operators of regular employees.
> Restart of Shift Allowance to Guest House employees.
> Request to reconsider and sanction Rs. 50000/- to Shri. Shankar Tamanekar for his daughter's marriage from Sahayog Trust.
> Extending medical facility in reference to the O.O. no. ONGC/ER/CP/MED/018 dated 19th Oct. 2006.
> Nominated Office Bearers of Karmachari Sanghatana for Central Committee of Union.
> Non payment of OT wages for an average 8 to 12 months, i.e. since online system is being adopted.
> Request to direct the contractor M/s Suresh Constructions to reinstate three contractual employees who has been terminated from services.
> Mass scale irregularities observed in recruitment procedure of HCA (Health Care Attendant) in Baroda.
> Request to extend Air Fare facility to marine supervisors performing ON/OFF duty in WOU Offshore installations.
> Defending the cause of Long Service Award Scheme with the Govt. and re-instate the same.
> Not acknowledged for the efforts dedicated in Offshore 2013 -14  & 2014 -15.
> Multiplied discrimination between 'E' & 'S' categories of employees.
> "Justice denied", recognition work through awards given on Republic Day-2015.
> Redundant & combination of qualification which are affecting our recruitment.
> Arresting the ever deterioration of Galley and facilitating NQO Platform with an appropriate gymnasium.
> Inordinate delay in resolving the contract labour wage revision in WOU will force us to proceed on strike.
> Denial of 4O% PRP payment to ONGC employees with the contention that "non existence of incremental profit" for the Year 2013.
> Request to revise pending non revision of Hard Duty Allowance for miniscule 3000 offshore going employees in ONGC, Mumbai Region.
> Enhancement of Union Subscription from Jan 2015.
> Nonpayment of wages towards paid leave for the year 2015 by CIS Bureaus facility Security services Pvt. Ltd.
> Promotions and Transfers 2015.
> Non remittance of EPF. contribution by M/s. Moosa Services Co. 
> "Review of PAR".
> Recruiting Crane Operators as Regular employees and dispensing with the philosophy of contractual Crane Operators.
> Non payment of salary for the month Nov-2O14 by "M/s. Damodhartech International Private Ltd."
> Demonstration to peruse anti disinvestment drive of profit making PSU's, Specially "ONGC".
> Equipments that needs revamping in Sagar Bhushan Drill Ship during dry docking.
> Proceeding on Strike, sounding our strong discontent on equating Slinger cum Rigger with Crane Operator and recruiting contractual Crane Operators.
> Request for meeting at an early date to discuss the enclosed agenda(Uran).
> Inclusion of names as quoted below in the tender documents to be floated for crane operators.
> Submitting our agenda on organizational issues.
> Mushrooming of activities detrimental to the interest of the organization in NSB.
> Initiate action against M/s V. K. Offshore for non compliance of contract awarded for revamping kitchen & dining hall of production Platforms.
> Compliance of minimum wages as per Gazette enclosed.
> Poor catering in 'Heera' production platform.
> Overtime claims pending over 6 months to 1 year.
> Request to desist from unprecedented activities by logistics department .
> Disputable and high handed activities of I/c co-generation.
> Early mandatory trainings before proceeding to Offshore.
> Empanelment of 'Apollo Hospital' at Nashik by ONGC.
> Strike Notice regarding non payment - of dues of contractual employees.
> Air facility top 's' category employees at par with 'E' category employees.
> Non availability of Medicines" in SLQ platform.
> Online Self - Booking Tool (SBT).
> Payment of Ex-gratia to Direct Employees.
> Non payment of adhoc interim relief of Rs. 60.000/- (Rupees sixty thousand only) as. per MOU towards Contract Employees fare wage revision to the under mentioned contract employees in Nhava.
> Advance adhoc payment towards PRP for the year 2013-14.
> Payment of Bonus to contractual Workmen.
> Regarding the visit of ONGC doctor to Trombay Terminal.
> Non-availability of PPE in Uran Plant.
> "Contractual employee's wage revision" appeal to expedite the same for early implementation.
> Lease accommodation to non executives at PAR with executives.
> Procurement of under mentioned kits and liveries.
> Age relaxation to Direct Employees & employees appointed on compensatory ground.
> Nonpayment of OT wages and forcing employees to claim C/off.
> Procurement of fuel & oil filters for Caterpillar engines for all Rigs.
> Mirroring the impact of decimating work environment in offshore installation, be it Production Platforms or Rigs.
> Reduction in salary and non compliance to other mandatory issues, hence proceeding on strike.
> Request to accept date of joining w.e.f. 31/12/2013 of Mr. Nitin Kahar, Jr. Fire Supervisor.
> Medical assistance to Dependents of diseased employee.
> Non appearance of vacancies for the post of JAT (Rigman), vide circular WOU/R&P/IRECTT/ 2014 dated 20/06/2014 for recruitment of departmental candidates.
> Providing Canteen Facility in Maker Tower.
> Request to sanction the amount of Rs. 60,000/- (Rupees Sixty Thousand Only.
> Medicine procurement in Mumbai through individual as done in Hazira plant.
> Unilateral view desisting from existing policy towards claims payment of ON/OFF employees by l/c - PCS' MH - Asset.
> Recruitment of Paramedical Staff on regular basis.
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for MNW Platform.
> Adhoc payment to Contractual employees towards their pending wage revision shifting from minimum wage to fare wage policy.
> Integrity of quality job and its repercussion on our human resources in Platforms (Unmanned & Production).
> Request to withheld Security deposit money & monthly payment of "M/s. Ashwathi Power Control" & "M/s. S & H Engineering"
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for Neelam Platform.
> Allotting accommodation in BLQ - I and BLQ - II to Reservoir section. (RDAG)
> Bleeding from all front. (WIN issues)
> Request to provide Hotel accommodation to field operators functioning in Porbandar & East Coast.
> Adhoc payment to employees falling in the category of minimum wages to the amount of Rs. 60000/-.
> Heroic's of Tool Pusher Mr. M. M. Nissaruddin at the cost of health and safety of Rig crew.
> Precipitating issues causing immense frustration among all concerned in SH complex.
> Highly volatile atmosphere prevailing due to blatant practice of irregularities & flouting of labour laws.
> Allotting accommodation (Two Rooms) in MLQ to Reservoir personal along with one personnel computer (PC) having net facility. 
> Nominated Executive Members of Karmachari Sanghatana for BPA Platform.
> Precipitation and neglect professionally practiced in offshore installation.
> Merging of NSB with services group to participate in "Directors Trophy" is not in right direction & spirit.
> Request to bring all offshore installations under one umbrella for distributing sweets on 26th January (Republic Day) and 15th August (Independence Day.
> Contractual Employees wage Revision in (WOU), Mumbai.
> Uniformity in sweet distribution budget across Mumbai Region for Independence Day and Republic Day celebration.
> Extending check fare facility to Tenure Employees (Field-Operators) working in Porbundar Offshore.
> Non inclusion of Recognized collective in the committee for deciding distribution of sweets on the occasion of Republic Day.
> Payment of Adhoc to contractual workers whose wage revision negotiation is in progress.
> Payment of under mentioned wages due to Security Guards engaged with "M/s Tops Security Ltd".
> Posting of 34 Field Operators as per their appointment as JATs on 2nd Dec. 2011.
> Payment of under mentioned wages due to Security Guards engaged with "M/s Tops Security Ltd".
> Canteen facility in our Maker Tower office.
> Laptop and other facilities discussed during wage revision meetings to class III and IV staff.
> Advance adhoc payment towards PRP for the year 2012-2013.
> Payment of Ex-gratia to Direct Employees.
> Payment of Bonus to contractual Workmen.
> Early mandatory training  before proceeding to Offshore.
> Recruitment of Para-Medics (Pharmacists).
> HUET training in INS KUNJALI (NAMAC).
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