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श्री प्रदीप मयेकर यांच्या ५० व्या वर्षात पदार्पणानिमित्त हार्दीक शुभेच्छा.

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Action Programme SUCCUSS

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> Deteriorating catering services in trombay terminal.  
> Inclusion of UMA as a component in calculating OTA from the date switched over from DSCA as per Factories Act for Uran and Hazira Plant.  
> Revisiting Wage Revision of Tenure Employees, through negotiations with Recognized Unions as agreed.  
> Shuffling of employees to drilling section who are not designated for the said section.  
> Unsafe sailing of Rig Sagar Gaurav to Porbandar for enhancing Drilling activities.  
> Consistently maintaining irregularities in Uran Plants canteen, appeal  to black list the caterer.
> Lack of transparency is causing humiliation and disqualification of successful candidates. 
> Officials in the grip of Jaundice functioning in Vasudhara Bhavan.  
> Draft towards Wage revision of Tenure Base Employees.  
> Minimum agenda for R&P and ER related pending issues.
> Request to desist from recruitment's that are not in line with existing R&P policies.
> Gross irregularities by "Star Caterers" in Rig Sagar Gaurav, which has compelled to call hanger strike from 28/9/2011.
> Payment of Bonus to Contractual Workmen.
> DPE guidelines leading to gradual erosion of ONGCs freedom to decide its Future.
> Left over non vegetarian curry used after two days in vegetarian preparation.
> Blatant atrocities practiced by "TOPSECURITY" with security guards manning our installations in Mumbai and non-payment of wages to pertains to unfair labour practice.
> Inclusion of additional qualification.
> Inclusion of MBA(Finance) as minimum essential qualification in the vacancies floated in Finance & Accounts; vide advertisement no. 3/2011 (R&P).
> Transfer request of Mr. V. K. Buga, Foreman (Marine) to Offshore production from Sagar Sandhani.
> Unilateral decision taken towards payment of CPP in deviation to present practice by In-charge PCS(Drilling) in Helibase.
> Call letter for the post of JAT (P).
> Scraping procedures towards recruiting departmental candidates at JAT level.
> Considering Contractual Employees and PAPs by extending age relaxation for recruitment to the post of JAT & AT.
> Age relaxation to departmental candidates towards ongoing recruitment of JAT & AT in WOU.
> Non payment of OT Allowance to employees of Sagar Vijay from April'2004 to Jan'2006.
> Transfer of Class III employee in deviation to ONGC policy.
> Procurement of dungarees and safety shoes to be decentralized, so also discontinuance of fire retardant dungarees.
> Catering practices in offshore installation in WOU.
> Request to assign different timings for written test for JAT (PROD.) and JAT (FITTING).
> Wage Revision of Tenure Employees (Field Operators).
> Issuance of Non employee smart card to security personnel deployed in ONGC installation in Mumbai.
> Disputable working conditions in the areas of safety / catering and kits & liveries.
> Kits and Liveries to security personnel manning our installation in Mumbai.
> Discrepancies shifted towards payment of wages still not settled.
> Irregularities in contractual activities of "Aswathi Power Control" in 11 High.
> Reinstating Shri. Anand Sitaram Bhosle & Shri.Santosh Anand Bhosle who were working in Panvel as Direct Employees.
> Request to implement verdict of CGIT towards payment of MOU wages.
> Misappropriation & gross irregularities towards payment of OT allowance in Drilling Services by PCS incharge Helibase.
> Appeal to implement CGIT verdict in reference to Direct Employees in ONGC-WOU.
> Re-dimensioning dilapidated working condition in BHS Complex.
> All round uplifting of work condition of Sagar Bhusan as quoted bellow, so that it remains constantly productive.
> Wage revision of Tenure Employees (Field Operators) and Contractual Workers.
> Request to assign duty to Mr. Santosh Wadekar, Security Guard as other 9 members of the same petition were taken back.
> JCM agenda points.
> Special sanction towards surgery needed for implanting teeth having meet with accident while on duty.
> Group Leave Encashment Scheme.
> DA and Accommodation in ONGCpanel hotels for Field Operators.
> Reimbursement of medical claim towards accident while on duty of Shri Bhupendra C Patil(F/0).  
> Silver jubilee function of Sagar Sandhani in March'2011 acknowledging Individuals efforts.
> ONGC Santacruz guest house.
> Non Payment of Self lease amount for the past four months.
> Convocation of 3rd Batch under Unnati Prayas scheme.
> To include "Under Ground Mining Allowance (UMA)" as a component towards calculation of OTA in Uran & Hazira Plant.
> Medical reimbursement towards an accident on duty, in Rig Sagar Jyoti.
> Enhancing car loan.
> Industrial dispute towards Non payment of wages for off days.
> Unilateral decisions taken by incharge PCS in Helibase leading to unnecessary controversy.
> Points to be considered and install the same on Sagar Uday.
> Acceptance as departmental candidate for recruitment of Graduate Trainee.
> Issue of dungaree Cloth lying in Nhava Base and Uran plant Since 2001.
> Furnishing of canteen in Phase-I, Panvel.
> Part Minutes of the JCM held on 17th Sept. 2010 at New Delhi to signing of LTS.
> Resignation of Medics.
> Man handling of Secretary Karmachari sanghatana in Uran plant by PEU secretary .
> Crew change chopper services.
> Deduction of amount as indicated in resolution attached.
> Increase in CPP of all points in WOU.
> Online Claim acceptance of Field Operators functioning in Rig Sagar Bhushan & Sagar Vijay stationed at Vizag.
> Reinstatement of Mr. Mohd. T. Khan & Mr. Virendra Rawat & Black listing of Jyoti Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd. presently running contract in Santacruz Guest House.
> Extending illegal privileges to unrecognized union.
> Fraudulent transactions on credit card no.4006661519807874 belonging to Mrs.Renu SNair, Asst. Suptd.(Steno-English) a member of ONGC family.
> Notice of strike within seven days of issuance of this letter, stopping all services like Canteen, Housekeeping, Security services, Electrical maintenance, Civil maintenance, Guest House Service etc.
> Conceiving unsafe and inconvenient working condition due to recently issued Fire Retardant Dungarees.
> Appointing three full time Doctors for Homeopathy treatment.
> All round failure of new security contractor, "Tops Security".
> Non uniformity in payment of wages and illegal deductions.
> Recruitment of A1 posts, maintaining separate merit list for Departmental Candidates including Direct Employees.
> Karmachari Sanghathana Bids Adieu to Director HR Dr. Baliyan
> Rig Sagar Ratna hub for unorganized activities and unfair Labour practice.
> Complains receiving regarding Mr. J.D. Bagale's upcompromising activities in Panvel Hospital.
> Joint Action Program of ONGC Unions for Pay Revision.
> Inadvertent delay in realizing of appointment, toward interview recently concluded for the post of "A1" & "A2".
> Appeal for considering reimbursement of even AC first class fare during rainy season for employees performing ON/OFF duty.
> Token of appreciation for completing successful 25 years of operation by NQO Platform.
> Salary for the month of April - 2010 to be paid to the Security Guards by Contractor BIS & IGS.
> Non performance of New Catering Contractors since inception i.e. from October 2009 in Western Offshore.
> Payment of incentives pending since 2008.
> Release of DA, withheld beyond 96.8%.
> Disciplinary action towards mob instigation within plant promises & manhandling of our Secretary in Uran Plant.
> Reviewing carrying capacity of Buses functioning in General Shift plying between Gokuldham to Uran.
> Transit accommodation for crew members of Rig Sagar Shushan & Sagar Vijay in Vishakhapatnam.
> Maintaining Separate merit list with the agreed criteria of 50% passing for departmental employees.
> Re-consideration of joining w.e.f. 01.01.1996 to the post of Fireman Gd. I Mr. Nitin Gandhi.
> Provision of canteen at maker towers.
> Regularization of ROs presently working as Direct Employee in WOU.
> Appreciation toward herculean effort dedicated in reviving NK Platform which was deserted for more than ten years.
> Nonpayment of OT wages to field operators working in BHS/SLQ..
> Request to issue the Call Letters for the post of Jr. Asst. Tech. (P) at Western Region.
> "PAR", reduced to mirror of Prejudiced mind.
> Meeting towards strengthening Management- Employee relation and achieving border goals of the Organization.
> Providing Check-fare facility to tenure employees (field Operators).
> Acceptance of Part time & correspondence Diploma from recognized institutes as qualifying criteria for departmental candidates.
> Precarious condition of essential facilities on Heera which needs to be revamped and upgraded with utmost urgency.
> MOU-wage components are not paid proportionately to the House Keeping Employees, when functioning with staggering duty hours.
> Regularization of Radio Officers (DE)
> Appeal for reinstating the individuals mentioned to parent region i.e. Mumbai Region.
> White goods Demand.
> Executive Comettee meeting Issues General, Policy Matter, Field Oprators, Direct Employees, Sports, Contract Employees.
> DPC to the post of "Fire Supervisor".
> Issue of Rain Coat & Gumboot to Direct Employees as per list attached. 
> DPC w.e.f. January 2009 yet to be released.
> Blatant malpractices in Santacruz Guest House.
> Accepting part-time/correspondence Diploma as qualifying criteria for departmental candidates.
> Non payment of Gratuity due, of late Shri Cherian Varghese.
> Transport facility to office going employees from under mentioned routes.
> Relaxation in percentage criteria for departmental candidates applying for Graduate Trainee.
> World conference & delegate meet of Petroleum and Gas Workers Federation of India (Oil sector PSUs only).
> Payment of Ex-gratia to Direct Employees.
> Extension of Medical facilities under ESIS scheme to contractual employees.
> "Poverty is the parent of revolt and crime", yet poverty of Moral and Motivation is largely becoming the pursuance of the day.
> Blatant unfair labour practice in Trombay Terminal by contractors facilities in control room as well as within the infrastructure in Trombay Terminal is in a complete mess.
> ONGC and Independence Day-2009, celebrated in deviation to right spirit In Uran Plant.
> Monetary ceiling of conveyance advance to "S" category employees, and bellow.
> White Goods scheme for Non Executives
> Submission of draft towards issues related to R&P to be taken up in JCM.
> Biased and irrational activities of Mr. S.K. Puro towards canteen management in Uran Plant.
> Deploying security guards in installations where shortage is existing.
> Unfair Labour practice in reference to payment of O/T in rig Sagar Ratna.
> Prioritization of high quality safety an echo unheard as far as Sagar Ratna.
> Internal posting / assignment of executive of Rig Sagar Ratna.
> Unparliamentarily behavior of secretary PEU in Hazira Plant.
> Deteriorating conditions of catering services in Western Offshore Unit.
> Internet facility to unionized category.
> Non adherence to quality maintenance & replacement towards contract awarded for housing colonies.
> Regularization of Radio Operators in WOU.
> Recognition letter of karmachari sanghathana
> Clarification to revised ceiling of HRA for cities having 25% HRA.
> In appreciation towards exceptional 25 years by WINians.
> Glairing misappropriation and blatant unfair labour practice in reference to tenure employees in Mumbai Region, WOU.
> Payment of OTA to tenure employees.
> Non availability of 72 contractual Instrument Technicians in Offshore Installations, of WOD since 01/march/2009.
> Not involving Petroleum Employees Union- Mumbai Region in any bilateral negotiation and JCM, as it should stand derecognized as per order number L-5202/13/96-IR (Impl-I) Dt. 10.08.2000 issued by Secretary (L) New Delhi.
> Enriching our R&P by including 3 years apprenticeship under the Apprentice Act 1961.
> Medical checkup of existing tenure employees.
> Breach of Trust. 
> Non payment of MOU wages by the outgoing caterer to canteen employees which amounts to more than Rs 4 lacs, hence not to award new contract.
> Regularization of Radio Officers in Western Offshore Unit, Mumbai Region.
> Proceeding on agitation as scheduled below on the following disputed issues.
> Modulating scheme eligible for Mobile & Laptop to all class III & Iv employees of ONGC, not in discrimination with officers.
> Reviewing the concept adopted towards Catering for Western Offshore Unit in Offshore Installation.
> Better towards working conditions in BHS Complex.
> 50% DA merger and subsequent payment of arrears to Direct employees. Reminder-I.
> Non continuation of MOU wages for contractual employees, Plant Installation, etc. in Uran Plant & Panvel Complex.
> Redeployment of Mr. R. K. Worlikar, Draughtsman (Mech.) Gd.I from base office to Offshore with an altitude of high handedness pertaining to unfair Labour Practice.
> Precarious condition of catering services in Rig Sagar Kiran.
> Pursuing PEU (MR ) to consent or fair elections through Secret Ballot as procedures adopted all over ONGC by Recognized Unions.
> Declaration of office bearers and executive committee, representing members in Hazira.
> Extending Laptop & Mobile to Class III & IV category of employees.
> (i) Issuance of Medical Card for self and dependent family members. (ii) Formalities towards renewal of dependency every year may be discontinued.
> 50% DA Merger & Payment of Arrears to all Direct Employees.
> Not consenting for election by INTUC affiliated, PETROLEUM EMPLOYEES UNION, in ONGC from Mumbai Region.
> Revision of rates of Daily Allowance/Paying Guest charges parity not maintained for S-3 & S-4 level.
> Completing election procedure to participate in any bilateral long term settlement of collectives/Unions from Mumbai Region.
> Meeting GGM HR/ER for various issues.
> Reversal of paperless transaction through Samparc as access and perception acceptance is not of Class IV staff.
> Acceptance as recognised qualification for future career growth.

Renewal of Bus Contracts. Plying to various work installation in Mumbai Region..


Pending Promotion since 12 years to the next higher post of Shri C.D Yadhav, Khalashi Gd.I, CPF No. 52946.

> Bus facility to attend Round the clock Shift duty from Nhava to Uran & back.
> Fixed Term/Tenure based employment in our Organization in violation to, "The Gazette of India" enclosed.
> Manhandling of our member by contractual employee on SCA platform.
> Non acceptance of NCTVTCertificate awarded under National Apprenticeship Act by ONGC.
> Hotel accommodation for employees working in Sagar Kiran & Sagar Bhushan
> Pending Promotion w.e.f. 01.01.2007 to the next higher post i.e. S-I to SII for clarification of equivalency of qualification.
> Letter received from Gram Panchayats (towards local unrest) on the issue of Displacing Contractual Employees under the aegis of VRS.
> Notice of Strike as read with Section 22(b) of Industrial Dispute Act 1947 towards violation of Sec. 9A - Fourth Schedule.
> Treating Diploma in Pharmacy as Q2 for carer growth in ONGC.
> Initiating Election procedures for recognition in Mumbai Region,Hazira & Uran plant.
> Visit to Nhava, Seeking appointment to discus the under mentioned issues.
> Notice of Hunger Strike on all offshore installation including NSE,Vasudhra Bhavan & 11-High w.e.f. 1.12.2007.

Regularzation of Field Operators.


Regularizing Radio Operators in MR including Uran and Hazira Project.

> Engaging part time house keeping employees, functioning in Vasudhara as full timer.
> Hunger stike in Sagar Kiran w.e.f . 05.11.07
> Hunger strike in Sagar Kiran w.e.f 05.11.07Meeting towards resolving the issues cited in strike notice dated 1.10.2007 vide No. ONGC/KS/241 /2007 following conciliation proceedings.
> Notice of agitation, leading to full fledged strike on 11 & 12 Oct.,2007 in reference to managements failure in settling the quoted long pending issues amicably.
> To initiate election procedure through secret ballot of union i.e. KS & PEU in Mumbai Region including Hazira & Uran Plant.
> Membership majority fact finding of Unions in ONGC Mumbai Region for recognition through secret ballot.
> Regularization of Direct Employees
> Regularization of Radio Operators in MR - Uran - Hazira
> Regularizing the existing Tenure based employees

Tenure based employment


Discriminatory approach towards medical facility in Hazira Plant.

> Immediate replacement of all busses plying to Uran /Nhava /Panvel & all Office Installations
> Blacklisting of contractor, "All Services under One Roof"
> Reinstating operational & Shift Allowance to employees at Helibase.
> Risking individuals, over looking safety in plant operation at the cost of 1/3rd OT restriction.
> Extending Laptop advance to all executives & staff
> Extending Mobile facility to all executives and staff.
> Conducting State Level - Ladies Kabaddi Tournament at Uran.
> Golden Jublee Gift and Memorabila for Tenure & Direct Employees
> Return O/T to offshore employees 
> Golden Jubilee gift to Direct Employees. & Tenure based employees

Practice of "Bonded Labour" in offshore installations


Deteriorating catering service in Trombay Terminal.

> Outrageous and criminal activity of Mr.Cetlur (SMRO) in HPC.
> Safety lapses of choppers
> Diploma in Pharmacy to be treated as Q-2.
> Interference of Officer Shri P.R. Gurav, AE (Drilling) in Union activities
> Industrial dispute towards Non Payment of Wages due.
> Nonpayment of Hi & H2-2004-05 for Uran plant.
> Dispute towards OTA payment. not as per provisions in Factory Act 1948 for Uran plant and Hazira plant.
> Pay anomaly pending since1997 (Topman)
> Up gradation of existing Pharmacist Qualification from Q3 to Q2.
> Redeployment of departmental Candidates vide circular no. MR/WLS/DLU/MP/2005, dated 18.04.2006
> Re-Deployment /Annual Transfer - 2006 of class III & IV employees.
> Reinstating self lease facility
> Considering Promotion of Mr. G.P. Sanaye, R/A. Gd.II
> shifting of PCS TO Helibase
> Provision of "TOP DRIVE" in Rig Sagar Gaurav
> Industrial Dispute towards management unilateral decision in Change-in Service Condition without giving notice of Change
> Nonpayment of OT to Canteen employees for seven months.

Abolition of contract labour system in the establishment of ONGC


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